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Within the generalized Weierstrass inducing the functional W has a very simple form. Indeed, by using of (2.3) and (2.4), one gets Indeed, by using of (2.3) and (2.4), one gets W = 4 ∫ p 2 d z d ¯ z Introduction to the Weierstrass functions and inverses. General. Historical remarks. The Weierstrass elliptic functions are identified with the famous mathematicians N. H. Abel (1827) and K. Weierstrass (1855, 1862). In the year 1849, C. Hermite first used the notation ℘123 for the basic Weierstrass doubly periodic function with only one double pole. The sigma and zeta Weierstrass functions were introduced in the works of F. G. Eisenstein (1847) and K. Weierstrass (1855, 1862, 1895) 1912] WEIERSTRASS' PREPARATION THEOREM 185 ditions on the coefficients of the Í1« essential to the proof of the theorem are that the series Fa converge, and that the resultant R of the polynomials /. shall be different from zero. Kistler * has considered the solutions of any set of equations

It is the intention here to present an introduction to the work of Konopelchenko and referred to presently as the generalized Weierstrass representation. The work presents both mathematical and physical developments in the area which should be relevant to both physicists and mathematicians. The development starts by studying a coupled system of two-dimensional Dirac equations in terms of two complex functions that involves a mass term that depends on two coordinates of the space. We study the Abel differential equations that admit either a generalized Weierstrass first integral or a generalized Weierstrass inverse integrating factor Generalized Weierstrass Integrability of the Abel Differential Equations | SpringerLin

The generalized Weierstrass semigroup of X at Q is the additive sub-semigroup of Z m H ˆ (Q): = {ρ Q (f) ∈ Z m: f ∈ R Q \ {0}}. From the arithmetic point of view, this semigroup encodes the existence of functions of X with prescribed multiplicities in {Q 1, , Q m} operator appearing in the generalized Weierstrass relations and with a nat-ural linear operator of an two-dimensional soliton equation. Further the analytic torsion of the submanifold Dirac operator is also connected with globally geometrical properties [20, 21], as the Dirac operator with gaug A generalised Weierstrass equation over kis an equation of the form E: Y2Z+a 1XYZ+a 3YZ 2 = X3 +a 2X 2Z+a 4XZ 2 +a 6Z 3 where the coefficients a i∈k. Observe that such an equation defines a curve with a single point at infinity, O= (0 : 1 : 0). So it certainly has a rational point. It is easily seen that the curv This theorem can be generalized to points whose x coordinate has a denominator divisible only by a fixed finite set of prime numbers. The theorem can be formulated effectively. For example, if the Weierstrass equation of E has integer coefficients bounded by a constant H, the coordinates (x, y) of a point of E with both x and y integer satisfy

generalized W eier strass form ulae for inducing surfa c e s. T he quantit y W (Will- more functional or extrinsic Polyak ov action) is shown to be inv a rian t under th Generalized Weierstrass formulae, soliton equations and Willmore surfaces. I. Tori of revolution and the mKdV equation Item Previe used for the generalized Weierstrass transform is sometimes called the Gauss-Weierstrass kernel, and is Green's function for the diffusion equation on R. Wt can be computed from W: given a function f (x), define a new function ft (x) = f (x √ t); then Wt [ f ] (x) = W [ ft ] (x /√ t), a consequence of the substitution rule You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly E Kr: Kretschmer constructed in particular an elliptic curve E Kr over ℚ with E Kr (ℚ) of rank 8, which admits the following Weierstrass equation y 2 + xy = x 3 − 5818216808130x + 5401285759982786436

If system (1.1) has a (generalized) Darboux first integral of the form (2.4), then there is a rational inverse integrating factor, that is, an inverse integrating factor of the form V = A (x, y) / B (x, y), where A, B ∈ C [ x, y]. Unfortunately, not all the elementary functions of the form (2.3) are of (generalized) Darboux type Quasiclassical generalized Weierstrass representation (GWR) for highly corrugated surfaces in {\bb R}^{4} with a slow modulation is proposed. Integrable deformations of such surfaces are described. Generalized integrable evolution equations with an infinite number of free parameters Nail Akhmediev1, Adrian Ankiewicz1, Shalva Amiranashvili2, Uwe Bandelow2 submitted: August 7, 2018 1 Research School of Physics and Engineering The Australian National University Canberra, ACT 2600 Australia E-Mail: Nail.Akhmediev@anu.edu.au adrian.ankiewicz@anu.edu.au 2 Weierstrass Institute Mohrenstr. 39.

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  1. In the previous report (J. Phys.A30 (1997) 4019-4029), I showed that the Dirac operator defined over a conformal surface immersed in ℝ 3 by means of confinement procedure is identified with the differential operator of the generalized Weierstrass equation and the Lax operator of the modified Novikov-Veselov (MNV) equation
  2. Quasiclassical generalized Weierstrass representation (GWR) for highly corrugated surfaces with slow modulation in the four-dimensional Euclidean space is proposed. Integrable deformations of such surfaces are described by the dispersionless Davey-Stewartson hierarchy. Quasiclassical GWRs for other four-dimensional spaces and dispersionless DS system are discussed too
  3. Generalized Weierstrass system are obtained through the use of the B¨acklund trans-formation and some physical applications of these results in the area of classical string theory are presented. R´esum´e Dans ce papier on effectue une ´etude de l'int´egrabilit´e du syst`eme de Weierstrass g´ene-ralis´e dans le context de l' ´equation de type de Sinh-Gordon. A l'aide de la m.
  4. Generalized Weierstrass formulae, soliton equations and Willmore surfaces, preprint (1995) by B G Konopelchenko, I Taimanov Add To MetaCart. Tools . Sorted by.

Symmetry Properties and Explicit Solutions of the Generalized Weierstrass System P. Bracken∗ A. M. Grundland† CRM-2673 March 2000 ∗Centre de Recherches Math´ematiques, Universit´e de Montr´eal, 2920 Chemin de la Tour, Pavillon Andr´e Aisen- stadt, C. P. 6128 Succ. Centre Ville, Montr´eal, QC, H3C 3J7 Canada.bracken@CRM.UMontreal.c Generalized Weierstrass formulae, soliton equations and Willmore surfaces. I. Tori of revolution and the mKdV equation In the previous report (J. Phys. A (1997) 30 4019-4029), I showed that the Dirac operator defined over a conformal surface immersed in R^3 is identified with the Dirac operator which is generalized the Weierstrass- Enneper equation and Lax operator of the modified Novikov-Veselov (MNV) equation. In this article, I determine the Dirac operator defined over a conformal surface immersed in R^4.

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have the Weierstrass canonical forms [11]: there exist generalized Lyapunov equations. In [25], two di-rect methods, the generalized Bartels-Stewart method and the generalized Hammarling method, were pro-posed for the projected generalized Lyapunov equa-tions. The generalized Hammarling method is de- signed to obtain the Cholesky factors of the solution-s. These two methods are based on. THE GENERALIZED WEIERSTRASS APPROXIMATION THEOREM 169 a member of U2(X0o): in fact, each fn can beunifor.mly approximated by functions in L1l(XC4) so that, if E is any positive number, fn and a corresponding function gn in LUI(XY) can be found satisfying the inequalities lf(x) - fn(x)l < e/2, Ifn(*) - gn(x)I < E/2, and hence the inequality If(x) - gn(x)I < E for all x in X. It is also fairly. that equations (13) and (14) represent an integral of equations (8) and (9). This signifies The generalized Weierstrass excess formula. - a) Case where m = 1. - Let Fn denote a closed n-uple manifold in the (n + m)-dimensional space of the xi, y α. It.

Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang Since he uses the label generalized, perhaps that means the terminology had not yet settled down. My hunch is that Weierstrass himself only worked with the equation $y^2 = 4x^3 - g_2x - g_3$, since that is satisfied by his $\wp$-function and its derivative, which is how he dealt with elliptic curves Weierstrass Relation of Minimal Surface Weierstrass Relation Evey minimal surface X: S ,! E3 is given by a solution of the ff equation. The moduli of minimal sufaces completely agree with the moduli of the solutions. Minimal Surface X: S ,! E3 such that mean curvature vanishes (@z @z)(f g) = 0, X1 + p 1X2 = p 1 ∫ (( g)2dz ( f)2d z) X1 p

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Consider the twisted cohomological equation v = α ∘ f − Df ⋅ α, which has a unique bounded solution α. W... Login to your account Boundary values of Harmonic gradients and differentiability of Zygmund and Weierstrass functions, Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 30 (2014 ) 1037-1071. Crossref, ISI, Google Scholar; 13. J. J. Donaire, J. G. Llorente and A. Nicolau, Differentiability of functions. If 2 2 is invertible in R R (is a unit), and hence generally over the localization R [1 2] R[\frac{1}{2}] of R R at 2, the general Weierstrass equation, def. , is equivalent, to the equation y 2 = 4 x 3 + b 2 x 2 + 2 b 4 x + b 6 y^2 = 4 x^3 + b_2 x^2 + 2 b_4 x + b_ in isothermic coordinates. Konopelchenko called the modified version (1.3) of Weierstrass-Enneper system (1.1) the generalized Weierstrass (GW) system. These formulae are the starting point for the symmetry analysis in this paper, and we will refer to it as such. The theory of constan

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In this paper we consider the projected generalized continuous-time Sylvester equation (PGCTSE) AXEe+ EXeA+ PlFePr = 0; X = PrXePl (1) and the projected generalized discrete-time Sylvester equation (PGDTSE) AYAe− EYeE= (I − Pl)F(I − ePr); PrYePl = 0 (2) where E;A ∈ Rn×n, Ee;Ae ∈ Rm×m, F ∈ Rn×m, and X;Y ∈ Rn×m are the sought-after solutions. Here, P Quasiclassical generalized Weierstrass representation and. The generalized Weierstrass system for inducing constant mean curvature surfaces is described by the Dirac type equations ∂ψ 1 = pψ 2, ∂ψ¯ 2 = −pψ 1, ∂¯ψ¯ 1 = pψ¯ 2, ∂ψ¯ 2 = −pψ¯ 1 p= |ψ 1|2 +|ψ 2|2, (1) where ∂= ∂/∂zand ∂¯ = ∂/∂¯z. This system has been derived in [1] and is a starting point for our analysis in this paper The equation (2.2) is called the Weierstrass equation of the curve C. Remark 2.3. The curve de ned by (2.1) is singular when char(K) = 2. In this case (char(K) = 2) we use the following equation, called the generalized Weierstrass equation: y2 + a 1xy+ a 3y= x3 + a 2x2 + a 4x+ a 6 where a i 2K. It is shown in [4, Section 2.1] that if char(K) 6. Abstract. Agraïments: The second author has been partially supported by FCT through CAMGDS, LisbonWe study the Abel differential equations that admits either a generalized Weierstrass first integral or a generalized Weierstrass inverse integrating facto

Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik Leibniz-Institut im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. Preprint ISSN 0946 - 8633 Numerical methods for generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equations Raimondas Ciegis,ˇ 1 Shalva Amiranashvili,2 Mindaugas Radziunas2 submitted: September 16, 2013 1 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Sauletekio al. 11˙ LT-10223 Vilnius Lithuania E-Mail. We apply the theory of Weierstrass elliptic function to study exact solutions of the generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation. By using the theory of Weierstrass elliptic integration, we get some traveling wave solutions, which are expressed by the hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. This method is effective to find exact solutions of many other similar equations which have. 2 Generalized Weierstrass representation for surfaces in R3 The generalized Weierstrass representation (GWR) proposed in [13,14] is based on the linear system ( two-dimensional Dirac equation) Ψz = pΦ, Φz = −pΨ (2.1) where Ψand Φare complex -valued functions ofz,z ∈ C (bar denotes a complex conjugation ) and p(z,z)is a real-valued.

Generalized Weierstrass-functions and KP flows in affine spaces.. Commentarii mathematici Helvetici 62 (1987): Equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application 35Q99 None of the above, but in this section Smooth dynamical systems: general theory 37C10 Vector fields, flows, ordinary differential equations . Find Similar Documents From the Journal. Application of generalized Weierstraß points: divisibility of divisor classes*) By H. I. Karaka$ at Heidelberg 1. Introduction It is well-known that the group of divisor classes (of degree zero) of an algebraic curve is divisible. This is proved by using structure properties of abelian varieties. A direct algebraic proof of this result might be of interest. Such a proof is offered here for. The Weierstrass transform is intimately related to the heat equation (or, equivalently, the diffusion equation with constant diffusion coefficient). If the function f describes the initial temperature at each point of an infinitely long rod that has constant thermal conductivity equal to 1, then the temperature distribution of the rod t = 1 time units later will be given by the function F. By.

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We apply the theory of Weierstrass elliptic function to study exact solutions of the generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation. By using the theory of Weierstrass elliptic integration, we get some traveling wave solutions, which are expressed by the hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. This method is effective to find exact solutions of many other similar equations which have arbitrary-order nonlinearity Generalized Weierstrass (GW) system inducing CMC-surfaces in R3 ∂ψ 1 = pϕ 1, ∂ϕ¯ 1 = −pψ 1, p= |ψ 1|2 +|ϕ 1|2. (1.9) Equation (1.8) then becomes the equation for the CP1 sigma model ∂∂ξ¯ − 2ξ¯ 1+|ξ|2 ∂ξ∂ξ¯ = 0, (1.10) and its conjugate, since ξ 1 = ξ 2 = ξby (1.5). These limits characterize the properties of solutions of KL system (1.1). In this paper, we.

minimum, the Euler-Lagrange equation is supplemented by the Weierstrass condition. In both cases the Euler-Lagrange equation can be written instead as the Hamiltonian equation, as long as Lhas positive-definite a second-derivative matrix with respect to the velocity argument. But these conditions rely on differential calculus for their derivation and even their formulation. Attempts at. Travelling wave solutions for the generalized Boussinesq wave equation are studied by using the Weierstrass elliptic function method. As a result, some previously known solutions are recovered, and at the same time some new ones are also given, as well as integrable ones equation (DAE) Ex˙ = Ax, x(0) = x0 ∈ Kn. (1.1) Our main result is the derivation of the spaces imV and imWso that the pencil A−E∂is transformed into the Quasi-Weierstraß form: [EV,AW]−1 (A−E∂) [V,W] = J 0 0 I − I 0 0 N ∂, where Jis some matrix and N is nilpotent. This form is weaker than the classical Weierstraß form (where Jand Nhave to be in Jordan form), albeit it contains, as we will show, relevant information such as Keywords: Linear matrix pencils, differential algebraic equations, generalized eigenspaces, Weierstraß form, Quasi-Weierstraß form 1 Introduction We study linear matrix pencils of the form A−E∂∈ Kn×n[∂], n∈ N, where K is Q, R or C, (assumed regular in most cases, i.e. det(A−E∂) 6= 0 ∈ K[∂]) and the associated differential algebraic equation (DAE) Ex˙ = Ax, x(0) = x0.

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2. Carrier continuity equations and diffusion enhancement The continuity equation for the electrons reads @n @t 1 q rJ n= R; with the current expression (2) J n= q nN cF( )r' n= qn nr + qD nrn; and (non-dimensionalized) chemical potential (3) = q( ' n) + E ref E c k BT; where qdenotes the elementary charge, n the mobility, ' n the quasi-Fermi po On the solution of the generalized airfoil equation . By TAS (Australia). Dept. of Mathematics) Hobart S. (Tasmania Univ. Okada, S. (Weierstrass-Institut fuer Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik (WIAS) im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (Germany)) Proessdorf and Weierstrass-Institut fuer Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik (WIAS) im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (Germany) Abstract. SIGLEAvailable. Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik Leibniz-Institut im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. Preprint ISSN 0946 - 8633 Dispersion of nonlinear group velocity determines shortest envelope solitons Shalva Amiranashvili,1 Uwe Bandelow,1 Nail Akhmediev2 submitted: August 25, 2011 1 Weierstraß-Institut Mohrenstraße 39 10117 Berlin Germany E-Mail: Shalva.Amiranashvili@wias. Weierstrass semi-rational expansion method and new doubly periodic solutions of the generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled KdV system Yong Chen a,*, Zhenya Yan a,b a Nonlinear Science Center and Department of Mathematics, Ningbo University, Ningbo 315211, PR China b Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization, Institute of Systems Science, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences

0 which we will call the classical Weierstraß semigroup of X at the m-tuple Q =(Q 1;:::;Q m). The classical Weierstraß semigroup at one point is a numerical semigroup which goes back to classical works of Riemann, Weierstraß or Hurwitz. An extension to the case of several points was introduced by Arbarello et al. [1]. The arithmetical properties involve Weierstrass functions. Weierstrass functions are famous for being continuous everywhere, but differentiable nowhere. Here is an example of one: It is not hard to show that this series converges for all x. In fact, it is absolutely convergent. It is also an example of a fourier series, a very important and fun type of series The ordinary Weierstrass transformation is extended to a class of generalized functions of n independent variables as follows. A testing function space $\eta _\mu $ is constructed, which is a count.. we call the generalized Weierstraß semigroup of X at Q. It is not difficult to see the relation between the classical and the generalized Weier-straß semigroups, provided that #F≥m (cf. [6, Prop. 2]): H(Q)=Hb(Q)∩Nm 0. An important notion in the study of Hb(Q)due to Delgado [11] is that of maximal ele

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Generalized Stone Weierstrass theorem. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. Use MathJax to format equations. MathJax reference. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Sign. In this paper we study certain aspects of the complete integrability of the Generlized Weierstrass system in the context of the Sinh-Gordon type equation. Using the conditional symmetry approach, we construct the Bäcklund transformation for the Generalized Weierstrass system which is determined by coupled Riccati equations. Next a linear spectral problem..

expression to get a polynomial equation for}0i(A}+B)j=2}s(i;j = 0;1;s = 0;1;2;3:::). Step 4: Set to zero the coe-cients of the polynomial obtained in Step 3 to get a set of algebraic equations with respect to the unknowns k;‚;A;B;g2;g3;a0;ai;bi(i = 1;:::;n). Step 5: Solve the set of algebraic equations, which may not be consistent, flnally deriv Differential equations (1 formula) InverseWeierstrassP. Elliptic Functions InverseWeierstrassP[{z 1,z 2},{g 2,g 3} The Weierstrass-Enneper Representations Myla Kilchrist and Dave Packard Department of Mathematics mylak@rams.colostate.edu Colorado State University drpackar@rams.colostate.edu Report submitted to Prof. P. Shipman for Math 641, Spring 2012 Abstract. The Weierstrass-Enneper Representations are a great link between several branches of mathematics. They provide a way to study surfaces using both.

Question: 6.22. Let E Be An Elliptic Curve Given By A Generalized Weierstrass Equation E:Y2 + A XY +a3Y = X + A2X2 + 24X + 26. Let P1 (21, Yı) And P2 = (x2, Y2) Be Points On E. Prove That The Following Algorithm Computes Their Sum P3 = P + P2. 366 Exercises First, If X1 = X2 And Yı + Y2 + A1x2 + A3 = 0, Then P1 + P2 = 0 In mathematics, the Weierstrass transform of a function f: R → R, named after Karl Weierstrass, is the function F defined by. the convolution of f with the Gaussian function . Instead of F(x) we also write W(x). Note that F(x) need not exist for every real number x, because the defining integral may fail to converge Equations 113 4.6. Mellin-Type Convolution 116 4.7. Dirichlet's Problem for a Wedge with a Generalized-Function Boundary Condition 121 Chapter 5 The Hankel Transformation 5.1. Introduction 127 5.2. The Testing-Function Space Jf and Its Dual 129 5.3. Some Operations of 3tf and 30 134 5.4. The Conventional Hankel Transformation on ^CH. . 139 5.5. The Generalized Hankel Transformation 14 periodic, Jacobi and Weierstrass doubly periodic solutions for (2 + 1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equation. This paper is organized as follows. In Section 2, we summarize the generalized method. In Section 3,we apply the generalized method to (2 + 1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equation and bring out many solu-tions. Conclusions will be presented in finally

The generalized Weierstrass (GW) system is introduced and its correspondence with the associated two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model is reviewed. The method of symmetry reduction is systematicall.. Whittaker's equation §13.14(i) fundamental solutions §13.14(v) numerically satisfactory solutions §13.14(v) relation to Kummer's equation §13.14(i) standard solutions §13.14(i) Wigner 3 ⁢ j, 6 ⁢ j, 9 ⁢ j symbols, see 3 ⁢ j symbols, 6 ⁢ j symbols, and 9 ⁢ j symbols. Wilf-Zeilberger algorithm. applied to generalized hypergeometric functions §16.4(iii Distribution Theory (Generalized Functions) Notes. This note covers the following topics: The Fourier transform, Convolution, Fourier-Laplace Transform, Structure Theorem for distributions and Partial Differential Equation. Author(s): Ivan F Wild

the generalized Weierstrass representation Saki Okuhara (Received May 7, 2012) Abstract. We show that certain holomorphic loop algebra-valued 1-forms over Rie-mann surfaces yield minimal Lagrangian immersions into the complex 2-dimensional projective space via the Weierstrass type representation, hence 3-dimensional special Lagrangian submanifolds of C3. A particular family of 1-forms on. In the present paper, we apply the method of generalized differential transform to solve space-time fractional telegraph equation. The classical telegraph equation is a partial differential equation with constant coefficients given by 21 u tt −c2u xx au t bu 0, 1.1 where a, b and c are constants. This equation is used in modeling reaction diffusion an The method of symmetry reduction is systematically applied to derive several classes of invariant solutions for the generalized Weierstrass system inducing constant mean curvature surfaces and to the associated two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model. A classification of subgroups with generic orbits of codimension one of the Lie point symmetry group for these systems provides a tool for.

Weierstrass elliptic functions Dibyendu Ghosh Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata-700009, India Abstract - In this work, a new exact solitary wave solution expressible in terms of Weierstrass elliptic function of the time-dependent coefficient KdV equation with power-law nonlinearity is obtained. I also obtained a hyperbolic. We show that certain holomorphic loop algebra-valued 1-forms over Riemann surfaces yield minimal Lagrangian immersions into the complex 2-dimensional projective space via the Weierstrass type representation, hence 3-dimensional special Lagrangian submanifolds of ℂ 3. A particular family of 1-forms on ℂ corresponds to solutions of the third Painlevé equation which are smooth on (0, +∞)

We apply the theory of Weierstrass elliptic function to study exact solutions of the generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation. By using the theory of Weierstrass elliptic integration,we get some traveling wave solutions,which are expressed by the hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. This method is effective to find exact solutions of many other similar equations which have. Since its publication, Weierstrass's work has been generalized in many directions. Chebfun is designed for work with functions with a bit of smoothness, but in this example we will see how Chebfun fares against a pathological function lying on the edge of discontinuity. Let us consider the Weierstrass-type function $$ F(x) = \sum_{k=0}^{\infty} 2^{-k} \cos\left( \frac{\pi}{2} 4^k x \right. <jats:p>The Weierstrass elliptic function satisfies a nonlinear first order and a nonlinear second order differential equation. It is shown that these differential equations can be discretized in such a way that the solutions of the resulting difference equations exactly coincide with the corresponding values of the elliptic function.</jats:p> this case, the projected equation (1) reduces to the generalized Lyapunov equation EXAT + AXET + BBT = 0. The generalized Lyapunov equation can be further reduced to the standard Lyapunov equation AXe + XAeT + BeBeT = 0, where Ae= E1 A and Be= E 1B. A number of numerical solution methods have been proposed for the standard/generalized Lyapunov and Sylvester equations. Two classical direct meth

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abstract = We study Humbert's modular equation which characterizes curves of genus two having real multiplication by the quadratic order of discriminant 5. We give it a simple, but general expression as a polynomial in x1;.. .; x6 the coordinate of the Weierstrass points, and show that it is invariant under a transitive permutation group of degree 6 isomorphic to S{fraktur}5. We also prove the rationality of the hypersurface in P5 defined by the generalized modular equation. sixth-order equation is equivalent to the generalized Chazy equation with parametern= 6 7.All known explicit choices for fconsidered in the literature arise in a natural way in this framework. Generalizations of the techniques described here lead to a novel class of integrable equations. AMS classification scheme numbers: 58F35, 83C15 1. Introduction Kustaanheimo and Qvist [19] showed that.

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GENERALIZED LAME EQUATIONS WITH FINITE MONODROMY´ YOU-CHENG CHOU ABSTRACT.In this paper, we study the algebraic form of the symmet-ric generalized Lam´e equations which have finite projective monodromy groups. In particular, we consider equations with 3 regular singular points on a flat torus T which takes the form d2y dz2 [n1(n1 +1)(}(z + a)+}(z a)) +A1(z(z + a) z(z a))+n0(n0 +1)}(z)+ B]y. Weierstrass integrability of difierential equations Jaume Gin¶e, Maite Grau Departament de Matemµatica. Universitat de Lleida. Avda. Jaume II, 69. 25001 Lleida. E-mails: gine@matematica.udl.cat, mtgrau@matematica.udl.cat. key words: nonlinear difierential equations, integrability problem. Abstract The integrability problem consists in flnding the class of functions a flrst integral of a. Weierstrass' Solutions to Certain Nonlinear Wave and Evolution Equations H. W. Schuermann1 and V. S. Serov2 1 Department of Physics, University of Osnabrueck, Barbarastrasse 7, D-49069 Osnabrueck, Germany 2 Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Oulu, P.O. Box 3000, FIN-90014, University of Oulu, Finland Abstract A method is presented for finding a subset of the exact (traveling.

J. Phyg A: Math. Gen. 26 (1993) 13S150.Printed in the UK Symmetry reductions of a generalized, cylindrical nonlinear SchrGdinger equation Peter A Clarkson and Simon Hood Depament of Mathematics, Univenity of Exeter, Exeter, Ex4 4QE, UK Received 27 January 1992 in final form 14 September 1992 AhstracL In this paper, symmetry reductions for a generalized, cylindrical nonlinea CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Induced surfaces and their integrable dynamics. II. Generalized Weierstrass representations in 4D spaces and deformations via DS hierarch of Generalized Form Edwards Curves Anatoly Bessalov1[0000-0002-6967-5001], Lyudmila Kovalchuk2 The analysis of isogenies of Edwards curves is often based on Weierstrass and their special cases of isomorphic curves in Montgomery or Legendre form. Let's describe the curve of the Montgomery form over the field , = by the equation [7] 2 ¼, ½: =3+ 2+, =2 Ô+ × Ô.

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Let E be an elliptic curve given by a generalized Weierstrass equation . E : Y 2 + a 1 XY + a 3 Y = X 3 + a 2 X 2 + a 4 X + a 6.. Let P 1 = (x 1, y 1) and P 2 = (x 2, y 2) be points on E. Prove that the following algorithm computes their sum P 3 = P 1 + P 2.First, if x 1 = x 2 and y 1 + y 2 + a 1 x 2 + a 3 = 0, then P 1 + P 2 = O. Otherwise define quantities λ and ν as follows Generalized elastic curves on $\S^2$ are elliptic solutions of a differential equation on the curvature of the curve. These equations are solved in terms of Weierstrass elliptic functions depending on the parameters of the differential equation. It is investigated which of these parameters yield closed curves on $\S^2$ and how these curves can be parametrized The Quasi-Weierstraß form is used to show how chains of generalized eigenvectors at finite and infinite eigenvalues of A − E \partial lead to the well-known Weierstraß form. So the latter can be viewed as a generalized Jordan form. Finally, it is shown how eigenvector chains constitute a basis for the solution space of E \dot{x} = Ax. Dedicated to Heinrich Voß on the occasion of his 65th.

abstract algebra - Explicit Derivation of Weierstrass(PDF) Periodic Wave Solutions of a Generalized KdV-mKdVModern Cryptographic Algorithms: Function & Effectiveness

lutions and Weierstrass elliptic function solutions. Fi-nally, some conclusionsare given briefly. 2. The Generalized Sub-Equation Expansion Method Now we establish the generalized sub-equation ex-pansion method as follows: Given a NLPDE with, say, two variables{z,t}: E(u ,t z zt tt zz ···)=0. (2) Step 1. We assume that the solutions of (2. Generalized Continuous-Time Sylvester Equations Yujian Zhou,1 Liang Bao,2 and Yiqin Lin1 1 Department of Mathematics and Computational Science, Institute of Computational Mathematics, Hunan University of Science and Engineering, Yongzhou 425100, China 2 Department of Mathematics, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 200237, China Correspondence should be addressed to Liang. GENERALIZED LINEAR SYSTEMS ON CURVES AND THEIR WEIERSTRASS POINTS arXiv:0905.1824v1 [math.AG] 12 May 2009 EDUARDO ESTEVES AND PATR´ICIA NOGUEIRA Abstract. Let C be a projective Gorenstein curve over an alge- braically closed field of characteristic 0. A generalized linear sys- tem on C is a pair (I, ǫ) consisting of a torsion-free, rank-1 sheaf I on C and a map of vector spaces ǫ : V → Γ. sion method 6-8 , the Weierstrass elliptic function method 9 , the direct algebraic method 10 , the homotopy perturbation method 11, 12 , the Exp-function method 13-17 ,and others 18-28 . Recently, Wang et al. 29 presented a widely used method, called the G/G-expan-sion method to obtain traveling wave solutions for some nonlinear evolution equations NLEEs . Further, in this method, the. Introduction to the Dirac Delta FunctionWatch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/differential-equations/laplace-transform/properties-of-laplac.. Paper:A generalized Weierstrass elliptic function expansion method for solving some nonlinear partial differential equations , Author:E.A. Saied; Reda G. Abd El-Rahman; Marwa I. Ghonamy , Year:2009 , Faculty of Science ,Department of Mathematics ,Benha Universit

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